Jun. 22nd, 2004

ranger_i: (galen/anna (starkiller))
I've retired Anna, and will be removing her from the comms and unfriending folks via her journal in a second here. I've run out of ideas for her, hit this point where there's only so much that can be done and I think I've done it all, and on the off chance anyone else might have better luck, I thought I'd toss her back into the pool.

Apologies to everyone who was involved in RP with her (which isn't very many of you, since I've been slacking a lot lately). But on the plus side I'm keeping Galen, who might be convinced to chat now and then if you ask nicely. And don't mock him too much.

I may or may not pick up another pup to replace Anna, but I'm not sure just now.
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