Nov. 23rd, 2005

ranger_i: (Jack & Irina (cartographies))
So, like just about everyone else on LJ, I'm not getting notify emails. I'm trying to check the threads I'm tagging in, but I've probably missed some, so if anyone needs [ profile] pennyclear, [ profile] constant_vigil, [ profile] irina_derevko or [ profile] spydad, drop me a link here and I'll do the reply thing. :)

I haven't done a lot of roleplaying lately because I've been so busy with real life and other stuff, but when the opportunity presented itself, I did turn poor Moody into a cat. Someday he may even forgive me for it. He and Penny, who's still human, are hanging out on Fred, the TARDIS, with Draco, Mike, Roger, Dorothy, and Vir, all of whom are also cats. Poor Penny... She's working on getting them back to normal, and really hoping the boys don't manage to destroy the universe before then. :)

I've gotta admit, I did seriously consider turning Jack into a cat- I swear there was some movie a few years ago that had some poor cat running around in a suit, I was gonna dig up screencaps and do icons... Or, you know, it's possible I'm thinking of the pug in Men in Black II (which I was bored enough to watch on TV last year, believe it or not. Horrid movie. Cute pug, though.) I still may do that, actually, just because it will amuse me...

Even though I really shouldn't, because I have a small ton of work to do. Not the least of which is actual TM topic responses. So I'm going to be good and go do those, and maybe we'll see about making Jack go furry.

And again, if you've tagged me, chances are I don't know about it. *kicks LJ*
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