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So I thought this was hilarious and worthy of note. I'm sitting here making icons with some bases I made the other day, and some bases I made this morning. I have a lot of custom brushes on my old copy of Paint Shop Pro, and the only way I can read some of them is to actually use them on an icon.

This leads to hilarity. It really does.

PSP apparently thinks I should be shipping Red/Lizzie (The Blacklist). oO. Noooo, guys. I may be a May/December shipper to a point, but that crosses the line. It just... no.

PSP also apparently believes I should be shipping Thrawn/Pellaeon (Star Wars EU/Legends). Which... Okay. Maybe.

I dunno. It was funnier a minute ago when I was staring at the icon of Red and Lizzie and realized the tiny text actually said "Love Eternal" or something like that. Maybe it was a visual thing, and you had to be there.

Anyway. Back to work for me.
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