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I've actually done a lot of stuff lately, for someone who's supposed to be a college student, working on semester projects and whatnot. Mostly this is because I'm a procrastinator. And to be fair, I did a lot of it over spring break.

Arvin Sloane ([personal profile] crazyunclearvin) started us out with a six word story in [community profile] eclectic_muse, locked from Nadia ([personal profile] thelostdaughter). Most of the others weren't too thrilled to see him out and about, but he did get some comisseration from Marilyn Stark ([personal profile] captain_stark). It transpires that they hang out, and have villains' movie night.

Jack Bristow ([personal profile] spydad) started the inevitible snarking on Sloane's post. He also dropped a bombshell on his former friend.

Raymond Reddington ([personal profile] theskyisred) continued the snarking at Sloane with some threats and another reality check. He and Ethan Blakely bonded over hats and the crazy mean things their mun does to them. Ethan comforted Reddington while the mun wrote angsty fanfic about him. He met Alec Lightwood and the two talked muns and the Hotel California game. He ranted about his mun's ideas and said hi to his favorite FBI agent. He spoke with Matthew Calahan about the worst thing he'd done. (Red is still working on his list.) Matthew was concerned he was the guy with the hat from "Indiana Jones." Red tried to convince Tauriel that love is more than pain. Later they discussed the things he's hiding. The muns decided I need a chart to keep track of all of it. :)

Pansy Parkinson ([personal profile] purelypansy) Not to be outdone, Pansy joined the Sloane-snarking bandwagon.

Nadia Santos ([personal profile] thelostdaughter) responded to Sloane's six word story with one of her own, locked from him.

Penelope Clearwater-Moody ([profile] ravenauor) replied to Nadia, offering to do some damage to Sloane if he bothered her.

Minerva McGonagall ([personal profile] gryffinknight) likewise told Nadia she'd have her back.

Ethan Blakely ([personal profile] aurorblakely) made his DW debut with some concerns about how active his mun has been.

Alastor Moody ([personal profile] constant_vigil) shared Ethan's concerns. They decided to invite Reddington ([personal profile] theskyisred) to join their "it's always Thursday somewhere" poker game.

Marilyn Stark ([personal profile] captain_stark) and Ethan shared some sarcastic banter. Clearly these two are not friends.

Irina Derevko ([personal profile] irina_derevko) also shared Ethan's concerns, to a point. She introduced Moody and Ethan to Reddington.

Severus Snape ([profile] alchemstical), along with apparently everyone else, was concerned about Ethan's concerns. Snape and Ethan discussed the 'Rebellion' universe. Neither like it much.

Lilith Adler ([personal profile] slytherinauror) checked in, and, yes, agreed with Ethan. She was also thinking about selling her house.

Gilad Pellaeon ([personal profile] thelastadmiral) told Ethan he'd be more worried if canon hadn't already done most everything imaginable to him.

Roberta Stanton Pierre ([personal profile] daughterofhaven) joined the headspace gang. She shared stories of her past with Jaina Solo ([personal profile] jaina_solo) and started off snarking at Marilyn Stark ([personal profile] captain_stark) before agreeing to go for drinks at Ryan's.

I think that's everybody... so far. :)
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