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So I just retired [livejournal.com profile] masterwindu, who was my newest pup in TM. I've kinda been thinking about this for a while, because Mace is a lot harder to write than I thought he'd be. He's actually a pup I picked up in part because a lot of others I might have wanted instead were taken. And then when he didn't get any easier to write...

I saw Revenge of the Sith last weekend. I liked it, but usually when new canon appears for my pups I'm jumping up and down and squeeing madly. (Last week's Alias eps, with Irina's return, would be a prefect example of this.) Instead I was sitting in the theater going "oh, gee, there's Mace... I think I'll eat some more candy now." It didn't really do anything else for me.

I was re-reading "Shatterpoint", the Star Wars novel I pulled a lot of my characterization of Mace from. It's a good book, and I still like it, but I was all "eh" when I put it down.

With another pup in another fandom I might have hung in there a few more weeks, tried to write a few more challenges, and see how things play out. With Mace, being a prequel character, and this being so soon after RotS came out, I figure there must be, somewhere out there, a fan who would really like to try their hand at writing Mace in TM, and would probably enjoy having him as a pup a lot more than I do right now.

So, it's retirement time for the Jedi. I emailed the SW mod, did the usual posts to t_fen and adopt_a_muse, and it wasn't half as sad a moment as when I've retired any other pup- and I've retired quite a few since TM got started.

I missed Anna when she stopped talking to me. Missed Jaina, missed Pellaeon, missed Galen, even kinda missed Bella. Mace? I'm still very much with the "eh, whatever". So, yeah. Here's hoping the next mun has slightly better luck.
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