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Sigh. I didn't charge my laptop last night why? 54% and falling. I need to find a place to plug in...where I'm not right next to ten strangers. That's not so easy a thing to find on campus, alas. And I just always feel like everybody is looking over my shoulder all the time. Even though they're probably not.

Anyway. I've been dusting off old muses lately and doing random things with them. I forgot to move some of them over to DW, so I did that. [personal profile] thelastadmiral (Gilad Pellaeon, Star Wars EU/Legends) and [personal profile] captain_stark (Marilyn Stark, seaQuest DSV) are now with us. I wrote a tenspot intro for Pellaeon yesterday. I'm really liking the ten list format for writing lately, so I'm going to keep using it even though the comm hasn't been updated in ages and I can't actually join. I'm silly that way.
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