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Oh, my God.

What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

What the fuck, NBC? You shot my muse! You shot him! And I realize, I really do, that panicking is useless. That there is no Blacklist without Red, but this is still a hell of a thing for them to do, and I have no idea how to play it from here. Do I want to run with this? It could be interesting, but... hmm. I was just really hoping that with this episode I would have something for him to react to, and instead... bang. Red's getting CPR (again). Why does this keep happening?

I should've known that the episode promos were pulling my leg. They usually are to one degree or another. They build it up as this huge thing, Liz "choosing" between Tom and Reddington, so I was really hoping (even though I know better) that she'd finally kick Tom to the curb. Which I guess she kind of did, but... I'm just sick of seeing the guy. And you know he'll be back.

And the whole time Vanessa Cruz is running around on screen doing her thing, I seriously wanted to throw things. There was not enough Red in this episode. What there was was good (except for that last bit... argh, WTF, NBC???) but there was not enough of it. And after one or two scenes, we got the idea of what she was up to with those guys. I think the writers may have just been having a "let's see how far we can push the ratings limits" moment.

I loved when Liz opened the door to throw Tom the hell out, and there's Red (and Dembe, of course.) That was awesome. And I don't think we've ever heard his voice quite that cold as when he told Tom to get out. Nice. Very, very nice.

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah. The last freaking scene. Still not over this, apparently.

He's not dead, because that pretty much kills the show right there. I understand that, but I'm still freaking out a little. I can tell you guys right now that if he's dead, my Red isn't. Nope. No way. [personal profile] theskyisred might be in the hospital in critical, but he's going to make it. Because I am so fucking tired of all my favorite characters getting killed off. I'm done. Somebody's gonna live, damnit.

I realize part of my "all my favorite characters are dead" problem is that I'm a Game of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire fan, and Martin is just evil in that department. Everybody dies, not just Sean Bean. But really, you look at the rest of my series? Alias, Jack and Irina? Dead. HP, Snape and Moody? Dead. Star Wars? Well, all my book characters are kind of dead now thanks to the bloody Mouse, which I do not appreciate, but even before that? Thawn, Mara, Pellaeon? Dead. The only one they didn't actually harm was Jaina, and now she no longer exists in canon, so there's that. Sigh.

I should start a comm or something. The dead character society. People can play or write their favorite characters who were killed in canon, explaining away the death however they want, or existing in some nebulous afterlife-type realm. This is actually kind of a good idea. Hmm... Anybody interested? (Yeah, like I need another project. Maybe after I'm out of school for the summer.)

I just... I really don't know what to do with this ep writing and RP wise. Well, I do in a way, because I'm just going to keep on with the threads I'm in without referencing the sudden head wound (I think it was a head wound, it happened so fast it's hard to tell, and I can't find a screencap or a summery that has enough detail to tell.). But at this point for writing purposes... Like I said, I thought I'd have something to write a reaction to. I guess I could write like the episode is still going on, last scene yet to be played out, but I don't know.

There's something I do want to play with, about that moment where he gets shot, the exact moment where it happens. I've been toying with an idea for a prompt I saw somewhere cruising DW- the prompt was "bleed". Maybe I know what to do with it now.

But, for the record? Still not happy.
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